A smog-shop-turned-event space provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding in the West
A Leed-certified wedding
Photos from smogshoppe.com

Nothing against tying the knot in churches or hotel ballrooms, but our Western obsession with indoor/outdoor space, native plants, sustainability, and recycled/reclaimed materials means that in many cases, the average Hilton ballroom just ain’t gonna cut it. One of the coolest event spaces we’ve been to recently with a distinctly Western spirit? The SmogShoppe in Culver City, L.A.

Believe it or not, you might’ve pulled in here in the 1980s for a smog-check.

Photos from smogshoppe.com

But now? It’s a solar-powered, LEED-certified, indoor-outdoor, hipster-friendly event space that isn’t entirely forgeting its blue-collar roots (you can still see leftover fan belts in the ceilings), and one of the most creative wedding venues we’ve been to.

Been to a Westphoric wedding recently? Do tell.

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