A mammoth Las Vegas pool from PopSugar Home's summery slideshow.

From renegade gardening in L.A. to the summer's most jaw-dropping pools, the stories our editors are reading and sharing this week.

Aislyn Greene  – August 23, 2013

A mammoth Las Vegas pool from PopSugar Home’s summery slideshow.

10+ Jaw-Dropping Pools That Will Make You Want to Take the Plunge –> Pop Sugar Home

“I generally prefer swimming in natural bodies of water, but these amazing pools are making me seriously crave a dip. I mean…a double-decker infinity pool overlooking a lush Balinese forest? I’m ready to pack my bags – or at least spend some serious time fantasizing.” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor, Sunset.com

Echoes of the Savage and Sublime on Mount Tamalpais –> NYT

“As a recent San Francisco transplant, the writer’s thoughts in this piece on relocating to the Bay Area struck a chord with me. She really captures the idea of California as seen by outsiders—the sunny promise it seems to hold—and now I can’t wait to read her book on the scary history of Mt. Tamapais!” — Andrea Minarcek, senior travel editor

No More Citations For Curbside Veggies in L.A. –> The TED Blog

“I found Ron Finley’s TED talk so inspiring. It’s amazing what one person has accomplished and helped to transform his neighborhood. I wished I lived in LA to attend one of his  community ‘Dig-in’s’.” — Yvonne Stender, photo director

But Can You Decorate Your Cube? — Wall Street Journal

“I love my job. We get good food in the test kitchen, the grounds are beautiful, and wonderful people work here. But living at work, 24/7? I’m not so sure about that…” — Margaret Sloan, production coordinator

Can We Now Call Tiles Sexy? –> Remodelista

“The answer to that headline: Oh yes, we can. A new line by a South African artist for Sausalito-based tile company Clé makes that abundantly clear. The hand-lithographed designs evoke the Mediterranean, with a dash of exoticism – and would make a gorgeous accent to a kitchen. Color me obsessed.” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor, Sunset.com

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