Photo provided by Petty Cash Taqueria

Our love affair with Mexican food knows no bounds. To us, heaven is an endless supply of tacos and enchiladas, chips with salsa and guacamole, and tangy margaritas to wash it all down. If you’re looking for somewhere to kill your craving for those spicy Latin flavors, here’s where you’ll find some of the best Mexican food in LA — plus a cool crowd to enjoy it with:

Photo provided by FOH

1. FOH

The Seafood Tacos at FOH make for a healthy lunch option, prepared with tempura fried cod or shrimp in a jicama (low-calorie vegetable root) wrap and can be topped with dips like pico de gallo or guacamole.

Photo provided by Red O

2. Red O

In addition to its classic guacamole made with chunky avocado, tomatoes and onions, Red O pushes the envelope with its Edamame and Yuzu Guacamole with edamame, yuzu (an Asian citrus fruit) juice, cherry tomato, white onion and cilantro.

Red O also blends up a frozen House Margarita — a classic Mexican cocktail — with Espolon Blanco tequila, house-made limonada (lemonade) and triple sec that’s perfect for all those warm Southern California days.

And if you’re looking for a power lunch, head to Red O for Fish of the Day Tacos to wash down with a Coco-Jito — a variation of a mojito made with Cruzan‎ coconut rum, fresh mint, fresh lime, simple syrup and a splash of soda water — or one of the five house margaritas.

Photo provided by Dia De Campo

3. Dia de Campo

At Dia De Campo, fresh guacamole can be prepared with marinated Dungeness crab for some extra flair and scooped up with house-made chips.

Photo provided by Petty Cash Taqueria

4. Petty Cash Taqueria

Combining flavors of the earth and sea in one creamy dish, Petty Cash Taqueria dishes out a unique guacamole starter that delivers on its name — BOMB.COM — topped with Santa Barbara sea urchin and chicharrones.

Petty Cash Taqueria also dishes out a variety of tacos — grilled maitake mushrooms on blue corn tortillas, charcoal grilled octopus with Jack cheese, adobo-chile rubbed pork shoulder with pineapple and many more.

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