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Honoring a cruise, ocean-going or riverine, that plies Western waters and that offers passengers unique opportunities to see and explore distinctively Western sights and destinations.

Judging Considerations

  • What kind of Western-based itineraries do your ships travel? How many cruises do you offer each year with this itinerary?
  • How many ships? How many passengers do they hold?
  • What kind of on-board programs support learning about the West?
  • What kind of shore excursions do you offer?
  • What about onboard amenities?
  • How are your cabins? Food? Beverages? Recreational/entertainment facilities?
  • What else should we know about this cruise?

Your entry should be between 200 and 1,000 words. Focus on points that best underscore your entry’s commitment to excellence and innovation and address relevant Judging Considerations. Remember that the judges will be impressed by an entry that is clear, complete, and as specific as possible; they are not looking for a stylistic tour de force.