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Sunset  –  May 12, 2009

For Immediate Release: May 11, 2009

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Useful guide to water conservation shows how to lessen your water footprint, save cash, and still have a beautiful yard.

Menlo Park, CA – The June issue of Sunset magazine (, the premier guide to life in the West, shows readers how to lessen their water footprint, save cash, and still have a beautiful yard in a special report, entitled “Kick the Water Habit (in 12 steps)” (p.84).

“Water is growing scarcer and we have to conserve, especially in our yards ― which can account for 70% of home water usage,” said Katie Tamony, Sunset editor-in-chief. “The West has always been on the forefront of the conservation movement and we’re excited to give our readers the information and tools necessary for them to make small changes that have a big impact.”

From tips for modifying behavior to useful gadgets and online resources, Sunset’s editors help you kick the water habit. To get started, here are five tips that will make your backyard use less water:
1. Put the right plant in the right place
2. Water efficiently
3. Shrink the lawn
4. Mulch, mulch, mulch
5. Check your sprinklers also provides useful online resources for saving water in the garden:

With a focus on the backyard, the June issue also gives readers inspiration for creating exotic getaways without leaving home:

Luau Cool (p. 78) – This luau menu―inspired by a story Sunset published in 1965―is all modern-day fun, with Hawaii-grown produce (thanks to specialty stores and FedEx) and fruit-infused cocktails.

Bargain Bali (p. 51) – Tips to turn your patio into a lush tropical lanai without breaking the bank.

Also in the June issue:

The West’s Best BBQ (p. 42) – Tender brisket, tangy ribs, carne asada, and grilled oysters. Sunset editor-at-large Peter Fish presents the West’s top barbecue joints, traditional and nouveau.

Fume Free Paints (p. 60) – Pocket-friendly prices, a rainbow of colors, and a finish for every surface are finally making zero-VOC paints the obvious choice, according to home writer, Jess Chamberlain.

Editors available for interviews.
Recipes available upon request.

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