Reine Cenac, LEE Industries

Reine Cenac answers your questions about furniture and upholstery

Sunset  – April 4, 2011 | Updated May 16, 2018

Expert: Reine Cenac
Reine Cenac, Merchandising Director for LEE Industries, joined the family owned business in 2005. Prior to his current position at LEE, he was the Visual Director for Expressions Furniture Stores. With his knowledge in cutting edge style and fashion, Reine is instrumental in fabric and leather selections for LEE, and well as merchandising and presenting the 30,000 square foot LEE showroom, twice a year for the International Home Furnishings Market, in High Point, NC.

Q: My family has sensitive skin that often reacts to certain fabric finishes or chemicals. I’m looking to reupholster several pieces of furniture. What types of fabrics should I stay away from? 
A: You will want to focus on purchasing fabrics that are made with natural fibers such as linen, cotton, silk, help, flax, wool, or bamboo that have not been dyed or treated or dyed with chemical. Re-upholstering your current pieces not only shows you have purchased quality chairs or sofas, it also keeps the furniture out of our landfills, helping to protect our air quality.

Q:  I’m looking to update my office area to reflect a more modern look. What type of lines should I look for in furniture, and should I stay away from patterns?
A:  To achieve a modern look for your office, go to styles that have clean lines, no welts, and a neutral palette. Textured fabrics also make a great impact on modern settings.

Q:  What is a quick way to update a room?
A quick and easy update to any room is to add a pair of chairs. Chairs are the first place people are going to sit when they enter a room. Whether the living room, bedroom, office, or playroom, placing a pair of chairs make a room very versatile.

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