Nicollette Roth, Eldorado Stone

Nicollette Roth of Eldorado Stone answers your questions about stone veneer

Sunset  – April 4, 2011 | Updated May 16, 2018

Expert: Nicollette Roth

Nicollette has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and has been working with Eldorado Stone for two years.  As a Product Support Representative, her expertise ranges from technical information regarding installation to design assistance.  She has been able to assist thousands of customers over the past two years with exterior applications, interior applications, creation of outdoor living spaces, and assistance with selection of fireplace surround options. 

Q:  In terms of appearance, how does manufactured stone veneer compare to natural stone? 
A:  Manufactured stone veneer is created by using a lightweight concrete mixture that is painted to resemble natural stone.  As such, manufactured stone looks identical to natural stone, but has the benefits of being light weight, which decreases the amount and cost of labor associated with installation.  This allows manufactured stone veneer to adhere easily to a variety of structurally sound surfaces and is capable of installations that would normally be very difficult and costly to achieve with natural stone.

Q:  How easy is manufactured stone veneer to install? 
A: Can I do it myself?  We have found that anywhere from 30 to 40 percent of homeowners choose to do their own installation.  Most people with a rudimentary understanding of basic masonry and construction principles will find that manufactured stone veneer is easy to install.  For step-by-step installation instructions and to view our easy-to-follow installation video, check out

Q:  I would love to create an outdoor living space, but it seems like a daunting task.  Do you have any suggestions? 
A:  I would highly recommend using pre-fabricated, concrete cabinets. You can easily and quickly assemble a multitude of layouts from barbecue islands, fireplaces, fire pits, and more.  One of the greatest characteristics of pre-fabricated concrete cabinets is that they typically come with an integrated scratch coat, which makes installation of any manufactured stone veneer a breeze. 


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