Discover Sun Valley

Clear rivers that run through the thick forest. Majestic mountains that kiss the royal blue sky. Unmarked trails that emanate with the thrill of adventure.

Picture yourself standing amidst the s-turns of the iconic Silver Creek. Up the valley, deep marshes of greenery snake down from pine trees that stand pompously atop rolling hills. Beyond, the amber sun slowly sets, dismissing yet another day of impeccable exploration in the West.

Welcome to Sun Valley, Idaho: The Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sun Valley encompasses world-class outdoor recreation and serves as America’s ultimate summer playground.

From fly fishing in the backyard waters of the Big Wood, to journeying to the headwaters of the Salmon River at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains, Sun Valley offers one of the most primal fishing experiences in the world.

Those seeking an elevated perspective will bask in the glory of Sun Valley’s diverse hiking trails. The Sawtooth Mountains gleam with adventure and trails that extend into an undiscovered oblivion while the local in-town loops are ideal for a quick way to get the blood flowing.

Mountain biking aficionados will revel in 400+ miles of single track trails. You’ll find the gamut of riding options from flowing banked turns to steep, technical backcountry escapes. Crowds, on the other hand, will be hard to come by.

In addition to fishing, hiking, and biking, Sun Valley also offers an array of supplementary outdoor activities such as, golfing, watersports, and camping.

Sun Valley’s warm summer weather and expansive views make the area a go-to destination for the avid golfer. Mountains that stretch to the heavens and a planetarium-like sky set the stage for campers who long to become one with nature and sleep beneath the crisp mountain air.

For the arts & culturally minded enthusiasts and aficionados a robust scene awaits.

Sun Valley’s outdoor stage allows visitors to catch their favorite live artistic, creative, and musical performances. From July 24th to August 18th, Sun Valley will also be offering guests the exclusive opportunity to watch free symphonic performances, complete with bring-your-own fine-dining picnic spreads and laid-back attitudes.

Whether you’re meandering through some of the most scenic single track mountain bike trails around, seeking out trophy brown trout fly fishing, or enjoying the quartet of violins that serenade the mountain peaks, Sun Valley offers an undiscovered vacation experience for the entire family.

So, go ahead – take a step back, uncover where lost is found, and dare to discover the beauty of adventure that is Sun Valley. Start planning your getaway now at


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