Summer is almost here…and so are the mosquitos. Here’s what we’ll be spraying all season long.

Bug Spray
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Oh summer! The sun is lingering a little bit longer and we are lingering outdoors on the patio, in the garden, and out on the trails—along with those ankle-biting mosquitoes. No matter how hard I try to tackle the source of these bad buggies or implement deterrents, they inevitably end up ruining my backyard enjoyment come sundown. Physical sprays seem to be the only way for me to save my skin from irritating bites, and trust me I’ve tried them all. From overpowering herbal remedies to hardcore bug guards, it’s quite frankly never been an enjoyable experience… until now.

Lisa Jean Walsh, founder of functional fragrance and skincare brand The BUZZ, has created an insect-repelling spray that is more luxury perfume than brash bug shield. Not only do these fragrances smell amazing, they also don’t irritate my sensitive skin or leave any residue. In fact, I actually enjoy spraying this all over my body.

The product line, which initially began as a children’s bug spray, evolved into a beauty line that reflects Lisa’s passion for luxury and natural beauty. She wanted to create something far more pleasant than the typical all-natural bug sprays, which often fall short in effectiveness. The result? A product that allows you to be outdoors and active while smelling delightful for any occasion. Read on for Lisa’s tips on how to make the most of a bite-free summer along with some pairings and fragrance-layering suggestions.

Naturally Inspired

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Fragrances are inspired by Lisa’s travels and capture everything from the woodsy campfires to the essence of a fresh cocktail on the beach. The BUZZ is produced in small batches with no parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes. Vegan and cruelty-free, plus with recyclable and sustainable packaging—this is one feel-good spray to keep on hand all season long. Their bestseller, CHARLESTON, is a strong, yet subtle scent that settles nicely on the skin. It’s particularly popular among brides for outdoor weddings due to its effectiveness against mosquitos and no-see-ums, making it our top fragrance for women. Lisa loves to layer it over lighter scents like my personal favorite, VACAY, which is a delicate combo of citrus and geranium. For something a little more spicy, she suggests trying JET SET, with notes of black truffle, bergamot, orchid, and cedarwood.

THE BUZZ Charleston

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THE BUZZ Charleston, $65

Courtesy of THE BUZZ

THE BUZZ Vacay, $65

Courtesy of THE BUZZ

THE BUZZ Jet Set, $65

Perfumed Pairings

Let’s face it, special events and traditional bug sprays don’t typically go hand in hand. Nothing kills the vibe more than an overwhelming waft of lemongrass. Here, Lisa offers the perfect pairing for your bug-free summertime gallivanting:

Desert wedding: Our ESCAPE, a warm scent, pairs well with hot days and cool nights. Fragrance notes: earth, cedar, orange blossom, cinnamon, leather, black suede, and neroli.

Patio happy hours: Definitely go with our fun, zesty VACAY. Fragrance notes: lemon, lime, bergamot, and geranium.

Palm Springs pool party: Our PALM fragrance has nutty and spicy notes, and is perfect. Fragrance notes: woody spices, tobacco leaf, vanilla, and ginger.

Coastal Camping: Top pick for glamping is ESCAPE, which pairs well with camping, keeping the woodsy earthy scent aligned with your surroundings. 

Botanical garden walks: CHARLESTON for sure, but we offered an exclusive scent tested in collaboration with Veronica Beard called ‘ROSE’ and it was a hit. We’re rolling it out soon, and it’s a perfect rose fragrance for a garden party. 

Bonfire beach hangs: CHARLESTON is ideal for beach nights. Fragrance notes: grapefruit, pineapple, tangerine, peony, vanilla, jasmine, and oakmoss.

Courtesy of THE BUZZ

For Best Results

When it comes to avoiding any unnecessary irritation, Lisa’s best practices are to maintain a routine, stay persistent, and even try pairing your fragrance with a complementary body oil for an extra layer of protection. Need something a little more active? The BUZZ will soon be launching an exciting new sports spray that has rave reviews from basketball players, tennis players, golfers, pickleball players, and others who spend time outdoors. Who knew the budding world of insect repellent could be a form of enjoyable self-care? Here’s to a bite-free and breezy summer ahead!