Talk about a dream job

Work from Molokai, Hawaii
Courtesy of Hawaii Tourism Authority

Working remotely has its perks, pajama-casual attire included. But logging on from an ocean view office, or a dreamy writing desk in an off-the-grid island ranch? That’s the stuff of work-from-home dreams.

A new residency program from Hawaii’s tourism board is offering a handful of sponsored spaces for New Yorkers to spend a month living that dream. In September, Work from Hawaii will fly out six participants to dreamy home bases on each of the islands, equipped with a specialized workspace, cushy accommodations, and tailored experiences over the course of eight days. People of all crafts and industries are invited to apply, and will have the time and resources to work on professional projects or side hustles, with a few added perks.

Take, for instance, the workspace at the trendy Surfjack Hotel in Honolulu’s arts district, which also comes with the possibility to collaborate with some of the island’s coolest artists and get inspired on an excursion to the dreamy North Shore. The music-minded set will love the opportunity to work at Big Island-based Kukuau recording studio, with access to the mural-covered sound space and a foley tour through the island’s treasure troves of waterfalls, shorelines, and rainforests to record killer audio and one’s own special effects.

The other four island bases run the gamut of interests, following themes like leadership and strategy, photography and videography, digital design and storytelling. While the program is currently only accepting applicants from the New York metropolitan area, the rest of us can live vicariously and imagine the bliss of an island home office.

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