When it comes to taking care of our skin, natural compounds can work wonders.

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The hot sun can leave skin parched and in need of some serious TLC, so why not soothe it with products that are filled with things one can find in the garden? After all, when it comes to beauty, the benefits of using natural and carefully sourced ingredients are myriad. “What I love about botanical-rich skincare is how fewer products are needed to deliver powerful results,” says Sarah Buscho, who created Earth Tu Face. “Luxurious botanical extracts deliver powerful antioxidants, cellular renewal, and beautiful aromas. Every lather, slather, scrub, and spritz should connect us back to the natural world.”

Meanwhile, botanicals can be less harsh than chemicals—and effective, too. April Gargiulo, who created the cult-favorite brand Vintner’s Daughter—beloved by celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Watts—founded her skin care line after struggling with cystic acne, pigmentation, and aging while using “luxury” products that may have been doing more harm than good. “One day I started looking at the ingredients, and I was shocked to realize that they were .01% active ingredients, while the rest was low-quality filler that was also in many cases harmful,” she says. “I think the true definition of luxury means using the finest raw materials and honoring them through thoughtful formulation practices to achieve something greater than the parts.” Her skin, by the way? It’s positively glowing. 

To get the botanical glow, here are three Sunset favorite products, all from founders in the West.  

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Active Botanical Serum

Courtesy of Vintner’s Daughter

Gargiulo’s famed face serum goes through a three-week plant infusion process, and has won so many coveted beauty awards it’s hard to keep track. Meanwhile, ingredients like calendula, evening primrose, and turmeric act as antioxidants and add moisture to the skin. (Follow them on Instagram at @vintnersdaughter.) 

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, from $195

Flora Mirabilis Cleansing Clay

Flora Mirabilis Cleansing Clay

Courtesy of Flora Mirabilis

Los Angeles esthetician Jordan LaFragola’s cleansing clay emulsifies into a lather thanks to a blend of kaolin, a gentle clay that comes from weathered granite; anti-inflammatory essential oils like vetiver and cedar wood; and powdered apple cider vinegar to prevent microbes and free radicals from setting up shop on your skin. (Follow them on Instagram at @floramirabilis.) 

Cleansing Clay, $60

Earth Tu Face Lavender + Mint Lip Balm

Passion Fruit Lip Balm

Courtesy of Earth Tu Face

Actress-turned-vegan-evangelical Alicia Silverstone and model Karlie Kloss are fans of this brand, and who wouldn’t be with this gorgeous shell compact? Inside is a lavender and mint lip balm with organic safflower oil, non-GMO sunflower vitamin E, and beeswax. The lavender and spearmint scent is divine—and works as aromatherapy to enhance your mood and calm stress. (Follow them on Instagram at @earthtuface.)

Lavender + Mint Lip Balm, $39

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