Our favorite kind of wedding favor

Potted Plants Seating Arrangement

from this Bougainvillea Filled Palm Springs Wedding, photo by: The Melideos, Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

We thought it’d be fun to share some of our favorite ways to incorporate potted plants at weddings! When it comes to centerpieces, most people think of blooming bouquets, right? Well, we’re here to show you that you can forgo the florals (okay, maybe not completely — we do love plentiful posies!), and opt for greenery through and through.

And it’s not just centerpieces… We’ve seen some super creative escort cards, seating charts, and hanging greenery, too! One of the major pluses of using potted plants? They’re perfect to take home and plant after your wedding (or sit pretty in an adorable planter), and guests absolutely love them as wedding favors! Oh, and that header image? It’s one of our most-pinned images – and it really comes as no surprise why! The terracotta color of the pots matched with that lovely light blue are a pretty perfect match, don’t you think?

Ceremony + Backdrop Décor

Are you a cactus lover? Get creative with your backdrop and frame it with a collection of desert plants and your favorite cactus (or two!).

Seating Chart, Escort Cards + Favors

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For those that really want to garden look — why not put your seating chart on the pots themselves?

Reception Décor + Tablescape

Go airborne with hanging plants festooned from the ceiling.

In Your Home

Bring the outdoors in! Whether you’re growing herbs for your kitchen, or simply love that pop of green, large plants (and their planters) can add a homey touch to any room and fill in blank space.

Find even more ideas to use potted plants in your wedding (and home!) over on Green Wedding Shoes!

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