Google Search’s latest feature is a decor game-changer

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Courtesy of Anthropologie
Have you ever spotted the perfect lamp or accent chair for your living room in a photo, but weren’t sure how to find it? Google Search’s latest feature can help with that.

Google is bringing the features of Lens, its camera search app, to Google Images, allowing users to search for items within images in Google Search—whether that’s home decor or even a travel landmark. The next time you’ve spotted a photo through Google Search with a great piece of decor, tap on the image and look for little circles to appear. Then tap on a circle to find Google’s recommendations for products and images it found that are similar to that stylish lamp.

Courtesy of Google

Trying to figure out where a photo was taken? Lens can also recognize travel landmarks, from the Empire State Building to the Venice Boardwalk in L.A., to help figure out where that inspirational shot is located.

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Google’s Lens features are available in Google Search, along with Google Photos and Google Assistant on iOS and Android devices. Lens is also built into the camera apps of supported devices like the Google Pixel phone.

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