Amazon’s smart home system is working on adding healthcare to its robust roster of skills

Alexa’s Next Foray Will Be into Health & Wellness

From next-level activity trackers to fancy devices designed to help you sleep better, technology is creeping its way into the world of wellness, and Alexa wants a slice of the action.

The smart home system from Amazon that can turn on your lights, tell you the weather, and preheat your oven now wants to target your family’s health concerns. The e-commerce giant is growing a team of health execs and engineers to teach Alexa how to nurture.

According to CNBC, Amazon aims to add healthcare to its growing roster of offerings, starting with info and services for the elderly, new moms, and people with diabetes. The team reportedly consists of veteran Amazon staffers and noteworthy newcomers in strategy and development who have joined the company from other tech giants like Box.

With rumors circulating about Amazon’s foray into pharmaceuticals, a recent independent healthcare partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan, and the significant uptick in wellness-focused tech, Dr. Alexa doesn’t sound too far off base.

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