Our favorite new items from the Sunset online shop, updated with new items for you to show off how much you love the West.

Here at Sunset, we’ve been capturing and documenting the best the West has to offer since 1898. At the Sunset shop, you can bring that heritage into your home with mugs, posters, jigsaw puzzles, and more. Many of the items can be personalized with a friend’s or family member’s name for a gift that they’ll keep near for years to come. You can keep an eye out here as we release new merch featuring our favorite covers every few months. This quarter, we’ve crafted totes, mugs, and posters of covers featuring citrus groves, parks in bloom, and cowboys for you to adorn your spaces with. Check out everything new in the shop below and get to decorating with your favorite western-inspired items.


Each of our mugs highlights a different Sunset cover and can be personalized with a simple and elegant initial and name on the opposite side. If you’re in need of a vacation but are stuck at your desk, you can daydream as though you’re drinking your coffee in a citrus grove, Superbloom, or cowboy showdown.

Citrus Groves Personalized Mug

Whether you’re sitting on the porch of your A-frame cabin, relaxing in a garden of lavender and peonies, or just standing at your kitchen counter, you can show off your Western pride with one of our oldest covers of a flourishing citrus grove.

Citrus Grove Mug, $15

Park in Bloom Personalized Mug

Sip hot cocoa in the winter months when you haven’t seen a flower sprouting in weeks and imagine a botanical garden in your backyard with this cover image from our March 1935 issue.

Park in Bloom Mug, $15

Cowboy Roper Personalized Mug

This cowboy is in need of a vacation just as much as the rest of us as you can tell by his lasso spelling out “vacation” in true Western fashion. Customize the back of this mug with an initial, name, or word to add a personal touch.

Cowboy Roper Mug, $15


Consider empty walls a problem of the past with our limited collection of Sunset cover posters. When we moved offices, we discovered a cache of old, beautifully preserved posters highlighting Sunset Magazine covers from the past. Many of them were printed as far back as the 1970s. Consider these “deadstock” posters a true piece of Western history. Ranging back from our 1898 collector’s edition cover to a relaxing view of Yosemite National Park in the 80s; these posters have limited quantities, so when they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Get your faves now, and stay tuned for new posters coming to our site.

May 1985 Yosemite Cover Poster

This poster, produced in 1990, highlights Yosemite in its warmer months from our May 1985 issue. The glowing trees and rippling water will have you thinking about your next outdoor adventure every time you walk past it.

Yosemite Cover Poster, $30

June 1978 Lake Tahoe Cover Poster

Norman Plate was a Sunset staff photographer from 1970 to 2000 and shot this cover in Tahoe for the 1978 Summer issue. This poster was produced the following year in 1979 and perfectly captures the serene waters of the popular vacation spot.

Lake Tahoe Poster, $40

May 1898 View from Oakland Cover Poster

Before Sunset became the lifestyle magazine it is today, it started out as Southern Pacific Railroad’s promotional tool in May 1898 to attract tourism to the West. Even though our mission essentially hasn’t changed, we’ve evolved from black-and-white to beautiful, colored photographs. Nonetheless, this poster printed in the ’70s is a true testament to how far the magazine has come from its original days. One thing is for sure, we still love Yosemite, which had a seven-page spread in this issue.

Oakland Cover Poster, $125

Travel Totes

Get “on brand” for your sunset picnic by throwing all your snacks and sips in one of our logo totes. These totes can also help you save some paper bags. However you fill and carry your tote, rep the West Coast with our stylish bags that come in a variety of colors and materials.

Citrus Groves Personalized Canvas Tote

Rep your favorite covers wherever you go with this versatile canvas tote. Our eco-friendly yet heavyweight and sturdy canvas makes the perfect vessel for a laptop, beach bag, or groceries. We like to keep one in the car and one in the house just in case.

Citrus Groves Tote, $15

Park in Bloom Personalized Canvas Tote

Show off your love of the West with this canvas tote bag emblazoned with a classic Sunset Magazine cover from March 1935. You can even personalize it with up to eighteen characters, enough for a full name, brand, or short mantra.

Park in Bloom Canvas Tote, $15

Cowboy Roper Personalized Canvas Tote

This tote features our signature cowboy throwing up the word vacation with subtext that reads “Plan Now For Summer Fun.” What better tote to pack for your first, second, or umpteenth vacation this summer? We think there isn’t one!

Cowboy Roper Canvas Tote, $15

Logo Jute Tote

Whether you load it up with your latest farmers’ market haul or a couple of books and a picnic blanket, this jute bag featuring the Sunset logo is the smart, eco-friendly way to carry your carryables.

Logo Jute Tote, $18

Logo Signature Canvas Tote

Upgrade your canvas-tote situation with genuine leather handles and reinforced seams make this one a hardy carryall for your essentials—and the embroidered Sunset logo offers a hit of understated style. 

Oakland Cover Poster, $30

Outdoor and Garden

While we always suggest the best tools and tips for keeping a happy and healthy garden, we’ve also crafted a few foolproof tools and decoration to take your space to the next level. Our customizable garden flag adds a personal touch to any yard, while our garden apron with pockets for all of your tools will make your time in the garden more efficient.

Cactus Personalized Garden Flag

Plant your flag! Our weather-resistant garden flags can be customized with your family’s name, so you can show off your Western pride in your garden or yard. With a variety of vintage Sunset covers to choose from, this flag will be sure to complement whatever you’re planting this season and next.

Cactus Personalized Garden Flag, $17

Sunset Gardening Apron

We’ve teamed up with the good people at White Bark Workwear in Los Angeles, California, to produce our first official Sunset garden apron—a sustainable and practical tool for gardeners everywhere. The spacious utility pockets are gusseted to expand and provide extra room for tools, twine, garden clippings, and anything else you might need to keep near.

Sunset Garden Apron, $125

Rugged Supply Company 2-Person Tent

The 2-Person Explorer Camping Tent by Rugged Supply Company is ideal for camping in moderate to warm weather, with large windows and a ground vent to let air circulate and keep you comfortable. Rain coming your way? Enjoy enhanced weather protection thanks to an included rainfly, welded corners, and inverted seams to keep you dry.               

Rugged Supply Tent, $75


As soon as we released them last fall, our jigsaw puzzles were an instant hit. Was it because of the lockdown or because you just love Sunset’s vintage covers? Either way, we’re proud to announce two new releases: the 500-piece Fishing Boats and 1,000-piece Toy Boats, both based on covers from the 1930s. Snap them up now and get to work—we hope to have more coming in the near future!

Toy Boats Puzzle

From a 1932 cover of Sunset Magazine, the artist maps the lazy days of summer playing with toy boats.

Toy Boats Puzzle, $20

Fishing Boats Puzzle

From the collection of Sunset Magazine covers of the early 20th century, fishing boats are featured in the harbor with sailboats floating by in the distance.

Fishing Boats Puzzle, $18


Whether you’re taking notes in the garden, kitchen, or while picking paint colors, it’s always good to keep some stationery on hand! From journals to memo pads, we’ve got you covered to make sure you never forget a note or reminder again.

Sunset Logo Journal

Commit your thoughts, feelings, poetry, doodles, and shopping lists to this Sunset journal featuring a dual-layer cover of laser-cut vegan leather. The outer cover is black with a shimmering silver Sunset layer underneath. 

Sunset Logo Journal, $20

Sunset Logo Memo Pad Set

This set lets you get your notes and scribbles down in any of four notepad sizes (100 sheets apiece), all under the Sunset banner. Never forget an oven temp or the time you put something in to bake with these in the kitchen!

Sunset Logo Memo Pad Set, $17

Sunset Logo Note Pad

Plan out menus, get your to-do list out of your brain and on to paper, or plan your next crafting project on our logo memo pads. Whatever it is you have to jot down, getting it down on real paper is way more meditative than in the notes app, so keep some nearby whenever possible.

Sunset Logo Memo Pad, $10
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