Enjoy classic imagery from Sunset magazine—some assembly required


A while back, we sat down in the archives to marvel at some older editions of Sunset magazine. There was the seminal 1906 emergency edition. The first-ever edition from 1898. The first under the guidance of Bill Lane, the legendary owner of Sunset for decades.

We enjoyed our time in the 1950s and 1960s, reading along as authors and architects helped usher in the Midcentury Modern era. We cringed at the early 1990s, when every dish seemed like a casserole and every table wore bunting or bold floral pattern tablecloths.

“Wouldn’t these be great as gifts”? we wondered aloud. Wouldn’t these be great as… puzzles?!

A few months and several hours with a scanner later (thank you Dr. Kamafuji!), we are thrilled to bring you the Sunset Puzzle Collection. Launched in collaboration with the New York Puzzle Company, the series features art from Maynard Dixon, Cornelia Barnes, Will James, and more.

The puzzles come in 1,000-, 500-, and 100-piece sizes, priced accordingly. We’ve all got a lot of time on our hands right now—so why not spend some time piecing together the past? They start just under $10.

Click here to purchase the Sunset Puzzle Collection and use the hashtag #SunsetPuzzles on Instagram for a chance to be called out on the @SunsetMag feed.

Happy hunting!

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