Ready to become a more conscious cook? We've got ideas for beeswax wraps, wooden spatulas, and more.

We’re all about removing useless waste from the kitchen and, really, our entire homes. More and more people are choosing to upgrade their lifestyles in this new eco-friendly era, whether making the switch to electric appliances or taking a closer look at the tools on their countertop.

If stepping off the gas—or making some of these bigger changes—isn’t an option, there are small accessories you can trade out to help reduce your overall footprint.

From beeswax wraps that eliminate wasteful plastic sheets, to vegan dish soap sets devoid of harsh chemicals and bottles that are constantly thrown away, we’ve got some ideas if you’re looking to become a more conscious cook. Here are some of our favorite kitchen tools, all made right here in the West:

Kitchenware gift guide numbered

Thomas J. Story

  1. Help your friends and family swap out their plastic wrap with these batik fabric Alaska Beeswax Wraps made in small batches by the Hankins family in Alaska.
  2. Goodies’ Teak Cutting Board is just one of many stylish kitchen accessories for $25 or less at the Los Angeles outpost, making it our go-to for ceramic and wood tools.
  3. Handcrafted in Portland, the 8-inch Steelport Knife Co. Chef Knife is made with a natural Oregon maple burl wood handle and American-forged carbon steel blade.
  4. A Portland team created the cast-iron Finex Skillet to “stand the test of time” with eight rounded corners, angled sides, and a stainless steel spring handle.
  5. A mother-daughter duo created the No Tox Life Dish Block, which is best used with a Casa Agave Dish Brush and Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf.
  6. Opt for “buy-me-once” wooden spatulas like Earlywood’s The Essentials set, handcrafted at the base of Montana’s Beartooth Mountains. They come with a lifetime guarantee.
  7. California designer Molly Hennessey-de Vries’s Non-Disposable Life Cloth Bowl Covers keep food fresh.