Forget those glowing, raised orange coils; these are not your parents’ electric stoves. Welcome to today’s induction cooktops.

Bertazzoni Induction, Aga Induction Elise cooktops
Courtesy of Bertazzoni and Aga

Gas stoves typically account for about 2 percent of a household’s total gas usage, but the fumes they produce are proven to be dangerous. When you’re cooking with one, use that vent! And when it’s time to buy a new range or cooktop, be ready to go electric. Induction ovens and burners are more evolved, savvier relatives to lazy electric coil burners, and higher powered than electric radiant heated options. And now that 48 American cities (and counting) have banned natural-gas-powered appliances in newly built homes, buildings, and restaurants, cooks who are not yet sold on induction—the engineering marvel that boils water in under two minutes, with magnets—will have to adapt.

Here are a few top-performing induction ranges and cooktops that will clean up your kitchen. Sadly, they don’t do dishes.

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