From oils and seasonings to chef-quality knife sets, we’ve got details on all the kitchen deals.

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While many of us are still focused on what we will be making and where we will be stuffing ourselves for Thanksgiving, our sale senses are starting to tingle with doorbuster deals that can’t be missed the following day. Black Friday is a holiday that gets some of us out the door (or to our computers) bright and early to catch some of the best deals of the year on items we have had our eye on and are finally being swayed to purchase due to amazing markdowns. 

Personally, I head straight to the kitchen section of any good sale and keep my eyes peeled for new dinnerware, glass sets, Dutch ovens, and miscellaneous tools that often seem more aspirational than anything else (like the strawberry huller collecting dust in my tool drawer).

With the rise in home cooking, your pans may be starting to wear and your baking sheets are probably in need of a replacing. To help ensure that you have all of the kitchen essentials you need to head into the remaining holidays and New Year, we’ve gathered up a handful of Black Friday kitchenware sales to shop this year. 

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With a stocked pantry of pre-cut parchment rounds to line your baking pans, silicone mats to help make your next sugar cookie extravaganza even easier, plus measuring cups that are so chic you’ll want to leave them out on the counter, there are so many items to grab at low prices. If you’re still looking to check off a few names on your gifting list, the foodie friends and cooks in your life will appreciate having any of the below items in their collection as they embark on bigger and better culinary adventures to come.

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