Cool down faster with these crafty products.

Cool down faster with these crafty products.

Magdalena O'Neal

With temperatures across the country at an all-time high, we’re trying to find any way we can to cool down.

We’ve gathered recipes that allow you to keep the stove and oven off, and swimming holes where you can escape if you need a dive. We’ve even shared some expert tips from our garden editor on how to keep your plants alive when the heat wave hits.

We understand, though, that you may just want a quick fix. That’s where Amazon comes in. In a few days, you can have a mini-fridge for your next facial or an instant cold brew maker at your door. We’ve gone through the best offerings to find items that keep you cooler than an air-conditioner or central air may allow.

Take a cooling vest, for example. It’s filled with ice packs, so you can pull it out the next time you want to get active on a sunny day. Or keep a can cooler handy on your next Sunday trip to Smorgasburg or the beach.

However you choose to cool down, do it with one of these products to beat the heat. 

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