Photos courtesy of the General Store (top row) and Lytro (bottom row)

Bespoke gifts for the Western man

Sunset  – November 1, 2017

Another tie for father’s day? C’mon, you’re more creative than that. If not, well, you’ve come to the right place.

The photog

Encourage the photo habit with this hand crafted camera strap from San Francisco artist Christopher Reardon, or pick up the new Lytro camera for the earliest of adopters. This cutting edge camera lets you focus AFTER taking the photo.

Photos courtesy of the General Store (top row) and Lytro (bottom row)

The connoisseur

For that old school daddy-o, pick up a bottle of Aviation Gin — handcrafted in Oregon and perfect for Mad Men moments — or a bag of the full-bodied Vinyl blend coffee from Montana’s Black Coffee Roasters.

The DIY-er

A project — it’s part sleek bench, part planter — to satisfy even the most extreme handyman.

Photo by Lawrence Missakian

The adventure hound

Scout Regalia’s new bike is a hybrid of a town bike, a cycle truck and a mountain bike that also sports a contrasting colored wheel. Sweet ride. For the true outward bound type, go whole hog and book him a guided boar-hunting expedition(where he can even elect to hunt with a bow).

Photo courtesy of Scout Regalia

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