This long-lasting wreath is made with florist's foam and plants of different textures

Mary Jo Bowling,  – September 10, 2004

The great thing about this centerpiece is that it will last several weeks, so you can create it long before Thanksgiving preparations get hectic. The materials can be found in a craft store, a florist’s shop, and your backyard.

The key, says Kelly Carr of Trillium Designs, is using materials that dry naturally or last a long time. She designed this wreath using safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), jade plant (Crassula argentea), gaylax leaves, and feathers.

TIME: 30 minutes

COST: About $40


* 8-inch florist’s foam wreath form

* Florist’s scissors or knife

* Large plastic trash bag

* Plant material

* Toothpicks

* Feathers from a craft store

* Hurricane lamp glass cylinder

* Pillar candle


1. Using the foam form as a template, cut a circle out of the trash bag; this will be the waterproof pad for the wreath. Or, put the finished wreath on a large plate.

2. Soak the foam in water and let it drain.

3. Cover the foam with gaylax leaves, using toothpicks to secure them.

4. Trim and insert safflowers, sprigs of jade plant, and feathers. Take care to balance materials and color.

5. Set the plastic waterproof pad (or the plate) on the table and place the wreath on top. Put the glass cylinder inside the wreath and insert the candle. Occasionally mist wreath with water.

DESIGN: Kelly Carr, Trillium Designs, San Francisco (415/665-1484) *

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