Photo by Thomas J. Story

The calendar meets the holiday tree—and it’s not just for kids.

Jess Chamberlain  – October 27, 2010

Ceramicist Paige Russell shares instructions for making your own modern advent calendar/Christmas tree hybrid.


1. Print templates 1–24 on white paper, cutting and folding where indicated.

2. Wrap each number around a small white envelope containing a trinket (a chocolate, say, or a small toy) and, using a hole punch, make a hole through the top of both.

3. Loop a piece of string through the hole, knot it, and attach an ornament hanger.

4. Hang envelopes on branches stuck into a planter filled with pebbles (here, bamboo branches are primed and spray-painted white). Hang tea lights on branches.


Every day starting December 1, remove and open that date’s envelope, replacing it with an ornament.

Advent tree project template

  • Check out Paige’s how-to videos here  

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