Twilight retreat

Sunset  –  June 9, 2005

Summer’s long days mean one thing: more time to linger in your garden as the sun goes down. At Sunset, we’re always looking for inspiring places where readers can enjoy those magic hours. Often, it’s the finishing touches that make the space-panels of fabric rippling in the breeze, plump pillows that invite reclining, and the soft glow of votives. All you need to complete the picture are a cool drink and good friends. What do you do in your own garden to make a twilight retreat? Please tell us about it.  Describe it-is it a vine-covered veranda, a porch swing, or a cliffside bench with an ocean view?  What do you love about this part of your garden at sunset? The light, the vista, the fragrant plants?  How do you typically use the space? For dinner with family or friends? Wine for two?  What is your favorite cocktail-hour libation? Appetizer? Send details, and photos if you have them, to Twilight Editor, Sunset Magazine, 80 Willow Rd., Menlo Park, CA 94025. (Photos cannot be returned.) Or email [email protected] (put “Twilight Editor” in the subject line, and please attach only one digital image).