We asked Miguel Nelson, founder of Woolly Pocket, for his expert advice on using living wall planters. I have no ground space but I real...
Ask the Expert: Miguel Nelson on Vertical Gardens
MIguel Nelson, Wooly Pocket

We asked Miguel Nelson, founder of Woolly Pocket, for his expert advice on using living wall planters.

MIguel Nelson, Wooly Pocket

I have no ground space but I really want a vegetable garden. Can I grow edible plants in the Living Wall Planter?  Is it safe? Which will do best? ­ ­—Penny Conwell, Portland, ORYes, yummy organic edibles thrive in Woolly Pockets, especially micro-greens such as arugula and culinary herbs such as basil. Our newest living wall planter is made from safe, non-toxic BPA-free recycled milk jugs in the USA. One advantage to vertical farming is that the plants are harder for garden critters to reach.

I have a giant wall in my house that I want to turn into a vertical jungle. Is this actually the type of project I can take on myself, or should I hire someone to do all of this assembly? —Francesca Olivio, Corona del Mar, CAWell, that totally depends on how much you enjoy gardening. I’d suggest starting with a “living painting” that’s maybe about 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide. Once you see how much fun that is, then maybe you’ll know if you want to go for an entire living wall or not. Our living wall planter system is the most simple (for professionals and amateurs) to install and maintain, but all those thriving plants are going to need someone’s TLC. Floor-to-ceiling living walls can have hundreds, even thousands of plants growing on them. If that’s too plantastic for you, then please consider hiring a gardener to take over.

I kill houseplants like it’s my job. I can never remember to water them! Will I be any more successful with the Living Wall Planter? —Zachary Hodge, Longmont, COI sure do hope so. And anyways, I once killed a cactus, in Tucson! But now I have thousands of plants in my life. Our newest living wall planter is self-watering; so, you don’t have to water quite as often. It is breathable, so your plant’s roots get a better combination of air and water. and it keeps your plants up at eye level where maybe you’ll notice them a bit more. Plants love attention. Try robust houseplants like pothos in your Woolly Pocket. Once you’re having fun, go ahead and try more challenging plants like maidenhair ferns.

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