We asked Kevin Leatherwood, Director of Global Product Development at Tempur-Pedic, for his expert opinion choosing the perfect mattress for you.
Ask the Expert: Kevin Leatherwood on picking the right mattress
Kevin Leatherwood of Tempur-Pedic

We asked Kevin Leatherwood, Director of Global Product Development at Tempur-Pedic, for his expert opinion choosing the perfect mattress for you.

Kevin Leatherwood of Tempur-Pedic

I’m a light sleeper who tends to toss and turn all night. The mattress I have right now is sort of comfortable when I sleep on my back, but not at all on my side. Is there a mattress that lets me be me, a tosser and turner, and is still comfortable in every position? –Charli M., Bellevue, WATossing and turning is often the result of  pressure points – those spots where your body presses against the mattress (including shoulders, hips and heels). Pressure points trigger discomfort, so your body shifts position – otherwise known as “tossing and turning.” Tempur-Pedic mattresses reduce pressure points by adapting to your unique shape, so you can sleep undisturbed for a calmer, more restful night.

My body temperature runs hot, so I’m really interested in how the Tempur-Flex mattress has a Smart Climate feature that’s supposed to help keep me cool at night. Does it matter what type of bedding I use on the mattress? I don’t want to hinder the effect. –Magdalena R., San Diego, CATempur-Pedic’s SmartClimate System provides moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch comfort. Mattresses with our Breeze Cooling feature help keep you cool and comfortable with a three-part cooling system – a top cover including TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling and moisture-wicking fabric and a comfort layer with more TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling that dissipates heat during the night. The SmartClimate System is designed to work with standard sheets so you should have no problem enjoying the benefits of cooler sleep.

I’m a back sleeper but my husband always sleeps on his side. I’ve heard a firm mattress is best for me and soft for him. First, is that true? And, second, is there a cushion level that will be good for both our backs? –Emily P., Boise, IDMattress comfort preference is largely based on individual feel, so there really isn’t a single firmness that is ideal for back or side sleepers. We suggest that when shopping for a mattress, you spend plenty of time trying out different mattresses to determine which one best suits your needs. Tempur-Pedic offers three collections with three unique feels – the TEMPUR-Contour Collection is for those who are looking for more adaptive support, the TEMPUR-Cloud Collection is ideal for those who prefer a softer feel and the TEMPUR-Flex Collection is the ultimate combination of faster-adapting comfort in a new dynamically responsive feel. If there is not agreement on feel, some couples opt for a split King mattress that allows each sleeper to select the mattress that works best for them.


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