We asked Carey Walley, VP of Marketing at AZEK and TimberTech, for her expert advice on choosing the right decking for your needs.
Ask the Expert: Carey Walley on decking decisions
Carey Walley, VP of Marketing at TimberTech

We asked Carey Walley, VP of Marketing at AZEK and TimberTech, for her expert advice on choosing the right decking for your needs.

Carey Walley, VP of Marketing at TimberTech

My two dogs are always scratching up the deck with their claws! It’s time for a change that can withstand the havoc of playing pets. Help? – Griffin Williams, Denver, COHey, Griffin. At AZEK, we’re dog lovers as well so we know our canine companions need durable decking options. While we can’t guarantee that your dogs will never scratch an AZEK® deck, we can recommend our lines of AZEK decking that offer the most scratch resistance.  The new Vintage Collection has been specifically tested with those furry paws in mind and held up exceptionally well and many consumers prefer the way it mimics rustic tropical hard woods.  In our AZEK product line, our capped PVC decking is scratch resistant in order to stand up to much of the daily abuse your deck may take – from furniture, dog claws and even traffic patterns.  With that said, really any of AZEK’s 18 colors in the variety of collections would be great for people with dogs and we think you and your furry friends would enjoy any of them!

I’m planning a new multilevel deck on the back of my farmhouse. I want to make it more interesting so I thought about using more than one color of stain. What’s the best way to use more than one color? —Lorena McCoy, Salt Lake City, UTLorena, choosing the right colors for your deck can sometimes feel overwhelming. And, if you are tired of staining, you should opt for a low-maintenance deck board that will retain its beauty without the need to stain. Since the decking color(s) you choose can transform your space from “just a deck” to an outdoor space you love, you will want to choose your color(s) wisely.  As I am visualizing your farmhouse, the TimberTech Legacy Collection comes to mind first, with its hand-scraped hardwood look.  But, don’t take our word, visit timbertech.com and use the visualization tools that allow you to see what those decking colors look like on other homes. Combining board colors is a common way to create a signature deck. Colors are generally combined in a manner that will complement your home, lifestyle, family preference, pets, traffic patterns across the deck, and even local geography. For instance, if you live in an area with an abundance of red clay, choosing a red based deck color would be a great choice to help hide the occasional footprint or paw print.  Most important, choose a color (or colors) that you’re going to like living with – because TimberTech decking will last, and is even warranted for 25 years! 

My wife and I are having a “debate.” We’re planning a new deck and want to choose the most environmentally-sound material. She thinks wood is the best option because it’s a renewable resource. I think choosing a more durable, lower-maintenance composite is smarter. What’s your take? –Glenn Wheater, Portland, ORGreat question, Glenn. Outdoor living is our passion at TimberTech and AZEK, and we do our best to protect the outdoors that we all love. Our decking and railing products are all crafted with strict attention to striking a sustainable harmony between quality, design, processes and the environment. Since TimberTech and AZEK decking and railing provide long-lasting, low-maintenance durability, they dramatically reduce the wasteful cycle of upkeep (staining and sealing), repair and replacement that is needed by most wood decking products on an annual basis. Our commitment to a healthier planet is evident in our following sustainability achievements. And, while we are proud of these initiatives, we continue to looks for ways to improve our manufacturing processes to become even better stewards of our environment.

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