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One decade out of any type of formal school situation and this time of year still has me itching for a fresh start (and a fresh notebook. I bought this one in Denver). This year I'm redirecting that energy toward my apartment. I want to freshen up the pillows and window treatments, and hang more art. This week's feeds are inspiring my cool-weather updates. I hope they inspire you, too.

1. Ore Studios has my pillow inspiration right here. I'll take the indigo chevron and pumpkin for my sofa. (Tangent: Buying a colorful sofa--mine is pale blue, which appears to no longer be offered--is the best decorating decision I've ever made. Everything looks more interesting on it.)

Up today on @curbeddotcom - west coast/best coast? Link in bio

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2. Hanging baskets two weeks in a row means I have to do some flea market shopping. Clearly, this is my look. In fact, almost everything L.A. designer Martha Mulholland does is my look.

Chapter 4. Nailed it. #hotelcovell • @ericareiling

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3. We covered the new Los Feliz Hotel Covell in our September issue and I've been obsessed with shots of their rooms ever since. Think of the dreams you'll have surrounded by this glorious wallpaper.

4. Furniture maker Jory Brigham is celebrating his new East coast representation by posting gorgeous photos of his pieces. This is an entirely valid way to celebrate anything, furniture maker or not. (Do yourself a favor and check out his amazing ping pong table and a bench with built-in succulent planters.)

@pendletonwm towels to kick your pool day up a notch 🌾🏊🏼

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5. Stylist Erica Reiling is doing the Lord's work by letting us know that Pendleton has towels in their signature designs. BIG YES.

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