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The tastemakers of the West are on their game this week! All of these photos are encouraging me to take a risk--maybe not Tom Selleck pillow level risk (seriously, see number 3 below)--but I'm ready to do something major after looking at these.

1. Allegedly, this is a room for young girls, but I would happily make camp in here. That rug! The wallpaper! Newport Beach, California, designer Kathryn Miller gives us a master class in patterns.

For those that have been's a little sneak peek of tomorrow's post!

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2. This is the top DIY decorating blogger out there, bar none. Mandi Gubler fills her Utah home with doable projects--like this massive rope lighting--that are totally original and high in style.

3. This Tom Selleck pillow is total Designer Feed bait. San Francisco designer Nicole Hollis knows how to keep me coming back.

4. You think you have this thing with floors, but nobody has it like Kelly Vittengl, the "rug slinger" behind Venice, California's Frances Loom. She sells the most gorgeous specimens of antique and vintage floorcoverings I've ever seen--and posts them for us to ogle.

Can you handle the light? #thecaliforniaworkshop 9716 Portable Lamp

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5. I became obsessed with The California Workshop this week. They craft sconces, pendants, and lamps our of linen that look like origami--and they come with LED bulbs. +1

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