Expert tips on preserving your photographs

Whether it’s an image of a dramatic sunset or a print of your beloved pet iguana, framed photographs displayed around your home can add interest and personality to any interior.

Photographer Audrey Hall suggests these tips to ensure that your memories never fade.

Choose acid-free and archival mat boards and backing

As they age, untreated materials eventually succumb to harmful contaminants and begin to break down, compromising the image they surround. To enable photos to stand the test of time, be sure mats, boards, and mounting corners are made to last.

Use uv glass in frames

Glass that’s coated with a protective UV barrier (available at glass stores and frame shops) will prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from sapping away a photograph’s brilliant color.

Avoid light and heat

Never display an image in direct sunlight or where there are high levels of heat (such as above a fireplace). Light rays cause color fading, while heat may cause condensation; both can result in permanent damage.