Decorate for fall with this stylish and easy no-carve pumpkin technique

Instead of carving pumpkins for Halloween, try this painted pumpkin idea for a unique twist on your fall decor. All you need is acrylic paint and any size gourd! In this video, we use “true blue” color acrylic paint as a stylish alternative to traditional autumnal shades. Paint the pumpkin, making sure to use a small brunch around the top to avoid coloring the stem. Let dry, then paint on a second coat.

Next, use household objects, such as a card stock, to make stencils. Cut out desired shapes with a stencil knife, leaving plenty of space around each shape to allow for painting faux pas. Use a white paint pen to draw the shapes onto the pumpkin, letting your imagination guide you. If you’re planning on leaving the pumpkin outside, be sure to spray it with UV-resistant coating to keep the paint intact.

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