Duo envisioned a coastal escape with a modern feel and a splash of playfulness

Jess Chamberlain


Susan Delurgio and Alisha Peterson own Beach House Style, a home and garden shop and design services business (779 Center Blvd., Fairfax, CA, 415/454-3138).

When conceptualizing the Summer Retreat, Sunset envisioned a coastal scene and immediately thought of this talented and intrepid duo (featured in September 2006), who radiate the essence of life-on-the-coast.

In their own words: “Our signature style is all about casual comfortable living and creating a happy-go-lucky environment. For the Summer Retreat project we drew inspiration from our coastal travels far and wide. We envisioned a coastal retreat that had a natural modern feel with a splash of playfulness. We designed an eco-friendly aesthetic with elements of reclaimed found objects and sustainable products. We based our creamy white color palette on cues from nature and blended that with the Adriatic hues of the ocean.”

Tour the Summer Retreat (and meet Susan and Alisha) in person at Sunset’s Celebration Weekend, May 19-20, 2007.


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