Think pink, and you'll be right in step with the season's trends. Play up your space with a range of hues;from the hottest shades to the palest pastels
Thomas J. Story

Let one item take center stage. Hot pink is a dominant color. Save it for a bath mat and maximize its effect by choosing softer tones for other items.

Shift the degree of intensity. Add or subtract a piece or two according to season or whim. More vivid shades, like that of the bath mat, warm up a room; paler hues, like the subdued pastel towels, cool it off significantly.

Mix solids, patterns, and textures. The painted patterned canister stands out from the solid colors, adding visual interest. Arranging a variety of textiles and glass, metal, and ceramic containers on open shelves results in an appealing collage of textures.

Sources Bath mat: From Crate and Barrel ( or 800/996-9960)

Polka-dot towel: Available from Zinc Details ( or 415/776-2100)