Clare Elsaesser of Etsy's Tastes Orangey shop

5 questions with artist Clare Elsaesser of Etsy shop Tastes Orangey

Sunset  – April 22, 2011 | Updated May 16, 2018

Where do you get your design inspiration? Are there any hints of the Western lifestyle in your aesthetic? 
My aesthetic stems from relaxation and quiet and the places I find them: sleep, daydreams, and vacations. I have always been inspired by the calm and beauty of the California coast, which for most of my life was only a vacation destination, and I am finally able to call my home.

Where does the magic happen? Describe your work space. 
My work space is a tiny sun room in our 450-square-foot house.  It is nice and cozy and has a beautiful view of the bay, but does pose a problem when trying to squeeze four-by-five-foot paintings into the seven-by-eight-foot space.

How did you learn your craft? Any advice for how aspiring artisans can get started? 
I was lucky enough to go to a public arts high school, where I was able to get a head start on painting, which made pursuing a career in the arts much easier.

I think Etsy is a really amazing place for those just starting out, as it allows you an incredible amount of exposure and feedback which is so helpful in developing your art or craft.

Describe your favorite or best piece. Did you sell it or keep it or gift it? 
I think I may have just finished my favorite piece, although every time this thought occurs I end up ready to move on to the next one. It is an 18-by-24-inch painting of legs in a striped skirt, suspended in an abstract blue space, which makes me think of tropical vacations, and it is currently for sale on Etsy.

What’s your favorite Etsy shop, other than your own?
I may be a bit biased, but Windy Lane Studio, the shop of my sweetheart Kai Samuels-Davis, is my favorite as his work and creativity are another major inspiration for my own.

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