A new low wall, trellises, and plantings beckon guests
Tuscan-Inspired Entry Remodel
After: Tuscan-inspired entry remodel

Here’s a great example of how to create a good first impression. This remodeled entryway draws visitors straight to the door.

Before, an asphalt driveway butted directly against the stark white walls of this unadorned Mediterranean-style home, and there weren’t any attractive plantings to soften the appearance and draw the eye.

Now, inviting layers of landscape and hardscape replace those impersonal expanses of wall and pavement. Landscaper and contractor Mike Thomas added layers of plants and hardscape at various heights along the approach. New planting beds direct guests to the entry path, which is framed by a pair of terracotta planters and a trellis that rises from low walls.

Another high trellis near the roofline of the house further defines the entrance. Beyond the gateway trellis, a new stone path leads to an expanded entry stairway.

The impact of the remodel is friendly and immediate, as if the host has rushed out to welcome you with a cheerful “buon giorno.”

Design Mike Thomas and Jason Bowman, California Horticulture Landscape Construction, Campbell, CA (408/364-3190)

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