All it needs is black googly eyes, a mug of warm broth, and an armor-plated bounty-hunter father figure

baby yoda succulent

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but succulents are basically the Baby Yoda of houseplants and I have a few examples to prove my point. Behold: 

Echeveria ‘Pulvicox’

This lil succ is as cute as a button, with fuzzy, gray-green leaves that look pretty much exactly like Baby Yoda’s ears. Echeveria ‘Pulvicox’ is a hybrid Echeveria pulvinata and E. coccinea, and if you wrap this little buddy in a Jedi robe I don’t see how you could tell it apart from Baby Yoda.

And that’s not the only fuzzy little buddy that you can grow at home. Echeveria pulvinata ‘Frosty’ is covered in fine, gray velvet and E. ‘Doris Taylor’ is covered in thick, silver shag. But E. setosa ‘Mexican Firecracker’ might take the cake for being the most Baby Yoda-like succulent around. 

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And what about Baby Yoda’s little fingers? 

Cotyledon tomentosa

This ridiculously cute succulent looks just like Baby Yoda’s teeny (yet powerful!) fingers. It may not be able to summon the Force, but it can grow in the shade. In its native Cape Province, South Africa, it prefers to grow out of direct sunlight in slightly sandy soil. 

What other succulents look like Baby Yoda? Maybe this Opuntia englemannii ‘Hairy Roger’? 

Slow down, Baby Yoda! You’re only 50! But the hairs do make this cactus look like Adult Yoda. Maybe this Pachyphytum oviferum?

Don’t you just wanna pinch its chubby little cheeks? It lacks Baby Yoda’s fuzziness, but this succulent is still a sweetie pie (and best of all, it’s pretty easy to find).

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