Daniel Nolan, landscape designer from Flora Grubb Gardens, shows us how to design and care for an indoor succulent container garden


Plants are a great way to add personality, style, and life to your interior space. Succulents are the perfect choice since they are easy to care for and add a nice modern touch. Many thrive on a little bit of neglect and in warmer spaces. Small succulents in little pots are great, but for a stylish centerpiece or tablescape you’ll want to plant a few varieties together. There are some truly show-stopping succulents out there. And since succulents prefer dry conditions and require little watering, you can choose a beautiful pot or container that does not have a drainage hole to display them. Small tea cups or shallow bowls are also great options for individual plants. It’s important to choose succulents and cactuses that like to be indoors–not all varieties do well inside. Stick to the tried and true varieties like kalanchoes, euphorbias, barrel cactus, and aloes. Nolan highly recommends having at least one aloe in the house. Not only do they flower, but they also grow really well in a container. If you happen to have one in your kitchen, they can also be handy for treating minor burns and detoxing the air. Once you’ve planted your succulents, use a spray bottle to wet the top of the soil. A light spritzing is one of the biggest secrets to succulent care. You want to deliver just a little bit of water to the plant instead of drenching it with a cup or in the sink. Overwatering succulents can lead to a lifeless, droopy centerpiece that falls apart every time you move past it. Place your new indoor succulent garden in bright light and enjoy your low-maintenance plants year-round.