You won’t believe what fashionistas are wearing out of the house these days—but it might be time to jump on the trend.

Birkinstock Clogs
Thomas J. Story

I knew when my millennial sister, who happens to be a floral designer, started rocking Crocs that something was up. She’s stylish and talented (just check out this DIY fall wreath she made for us last year), and so of course her, if I may say, ugly shoes turned out to be part of a new trend—so much so that fashion house Balenciaga has a runway collab with the brand. But the trend doesn’t stop there; it turns out that clogs are one of the shoes to be wearing right now, if Vogue, which calls them “unfailingly cool,” is to be believed. I mean, there’s even an Instagram account, The Clog Life, that’s dedicated to clogs and has over nine thousand followers. I scrolled through it, and I have to say I found it fun, funny, and delightful. 

But really, why clogs? “As office life (and office attire) become a distant memory, clogs are a way to take control and ownership of the unknowability of the future,” says The Clog Life creator and novelist Lauren Mechling. “Additionally, they signify creativity, feminism, and rebellion.” 

Personally, I take a certain amount of satisfaction in seeing such pragmatic shoes go from the garden to the runway. As a gardener, I’ve always known that clogs are among the best shoes I own. They’re comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and I think gardening gear is just cool in general. Alan Calpe, co-owner of the garden clothing atelier Gardenheir, says, “I think people are drawn to the utilitarianism of the clog. With no-nonsense form and real function (they’re easy, comfortable, and supportive), it’s a piece in your wardrobe that can really play with the interesting line in fashion between cool and anti-cool. It’s carefree but with a wink.” 

Of course, shelling out $1,050 for Balenciaga’s black “Hardcrocs” sandal, with its silver hardware and platform sole, is ridiculous. That said, there has to be a way to game the system, right? Well, clomp your clogs this way because I’ve got six pairs that I would not only garden in, but wear as street fashion, too.  

Clog It Up

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