Add some style to your yard with these path lights.

brass path lights in mulch by paved path

Courtesy of Home Depot

A carefully crafted yard can be a real point of pride with nice paths, colorful flowerbeds, pruned bushes, and a well-cut lawn. But you don’t want your lawn to just be a daytime achievement. What about all those nighttime dog-walking onlookers?

For that reason, your exterior lighting is often just as important as yard maintenance.

We know, we know. Wouldn’t it be nice if the path lights could flip their own switch? Who wants to remember to turn them on every single night, let alone figure out the logistics of getting them in place?

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Luckily, there are tons of solar garden lights created to light up your landscaping, and keep guests from losing the path or tripping over any errant tree roots or holes, that don’t require an extra nightly chore added to your yard list. These lights range in styles from elliptical lanterns and patterned lights to classic, boxy designs. They can be found with crisp, white LEDs or softer, amber hues. Some can even connect to systems like Ring to give you more control. 

These lanterns charge during the day, and many of them only need around four hours of sunlight to reach their full charge and provide 8-15 hours of light at night. Their ability to recharge and their use of only solar energy also makes them perfect for anyone looking for a more eco-friendly approach to outdoor lighting.

There’s enough variety in solar path lights that you’re sure to find one that fits your style. Here are some of our favorites.

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Ring Smart Lighting Solar Path Light

path lights in rocks by stone path

Courtesy of Lowe’s

This light from Lowe’s sticks easily into soft ground, provides a 360º area of light. It can connect to the Ring app so you can set schedules, customize brightness, and make the lights motion-activated.

Ring Smart Path Light, $34.99

Solar Pathway Lanterns with Light Patterns

These lights from Plow and Hearth add a little bit of whimsy and design to your yard. Available in two styles, they cast light through a stencil to create either a flower or hummingbird design. The stencil can also be removed to transform them into simple, bronze, hooded shepherd’s hook lights.

Patterned Solar Path Lights, $49.95

Charleston Heritage Solar Pathway Light

brass path lights in mulch by paved path

Courtesy of Home Depot

This set of six lights is all about ease. They charge during the day and automatically activate at night, and the tasteful brass styling works well in any outdoor space.

Brass Solar Path Lights, $45.31

Path Bright

If you have a larger area to cover, these are the lights for you. They have a powerful 12-lumen LED, providing a wide area of bright, white light. The lights are water-resistant and come in sets of eight, all the way up to 32.

Path Bright, $47.76

Black Solar LED Path Light Kit

path light in wood chips by concrete

Courtesy of Lowe’s

This set of four lights from Lowe’s is appealingly simple. They’re easy to install, automatically turn off and on at dawn and dusk, and the design is tasteful without calling too much attention to itself.

Black Solar Integrated LED Outdoor Path Light Kit, $35

Large Outdoor Solar Lantern

lanterns on steps

Courtesy of Ballard Designs

If you’re looking for lights with a little more style, these lanterns from Ballard Designs are great. They have a unique beehive design and a classy leather handle, plus they cast a soft, calming light.

Large Solar Lanterns, $99

Solar LED Pathway Light Pack

set of twelve path lights

Courtesy of Wayfair

This set of 12 lights from Wayfair is straightforward and gets the job done. The lights have a bright LED bulbs and are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about where in your yard they are so long as they get sunlight. Just be sure to switch them on before you stick them in the ground so they can start gathering that sunlight.

Solar LED Light Pack, $54.99

Hampton Bay Bronze and Wood Solar Light Set

bronze and wood light in front of yard and bushes

Courtesy of Home Depot

This light has a real sense of style. The bronze and wood styling boasts an effortless elegance, and the vintage bulb in water glass creates an impressive light effect. This light is available in sets of four, eight, or 16.

Bronze and Wood Solar Lights, $62.97

Tekura Outdoor Solar Lantern

showroom shot of tekura lantern

Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

This lantern from Crate and Barrel is classy and tasteful with a mix of wood and slate finishes and a design reminiscent of Japanese lanterns. This style makes it great for lighting a gathering area for a picnic, outdoor dinner, or just reading in the yard.

Tekura Solar Lantern, $199