Views and indoor-outdoor living are central to our next Idea House. Western Window Systems were the obvious choice for their beauty, flexibility, and timeless appeal.

Palm Springs Home by Donald Wexler

The Palm Springs Idea House designed by Donald Wexler. Photo by o2 Architecture/Courtesy of Western Window Systems.

The Palm Springs Idea House designed by Donald Wexler.

Perched on a mountain high above Palm Springs, a spectacular home is being built. It’s the next Sunset Idea House, the last design of iconic mid-century modernist architect Donald Wexler and Lance O’Donnell, and it embodies so much of what we at Sunset love about Western living. The house is designed for indoor-outdoor living, with multiple al fresco gathering spaces that flow seamlessly from the interior living space. And then there are those epic views. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows, there are stunning views of the surrounding desert and the city below everywhere. And with windows being so central to the home’s design, choosing the right brand was one of the most important decisions the homeowner could make. That’s why they selected Western Window Systems for its innovative design, quality craftsmanship, tailored solutions, and timeless appeal that will ensure perfect execution of this revived modern classic. Here’s how Western Window Systems will help bring the Palm Springs Idea House to life, with a view of the desert—and a view to how Western Window Systems became the go-to choice for homeowners wanting to elevate their very own iconic Western home.

Keep It Classic

Series 300 Minimalist Multi-Slide Door
The sleek and stylish Series 300 Minimalist Multi-Slide door.

o2 Architecture/Courtesy of Western Window Systems

Western Window Systems’ Classic Line combines sleek aesthetics and extreme flexibility and for 20 years has set the standard for homeowners looking for a minimalist profile and multiple configurations. The aluminum construction is exceptionally strong, and the stainless-steel rolling hardware is smooth. And no matter what your project, there’s a customizable answer: The Classic Line includes sliding, bi-fold, pivot, screen, and no-screen options for moving walls and doors. Window choices include single-hung, direct-set, and casement, just to name a few. Translation: The options are endless. For the Idea House, the Series 300 Minimalist Multi-Slide Door was the choice for its low profile, which perfectly matches the svelte lines of the home.

Embrace Energy Efficiency

Window Wall

o2 Architecture/Courtesy of Western Window Systems

With sustainability and affordability front of mind for so many homeowners, Western Window Systems’ argon-filled dual-panel glass is super energy-efficient and perfect for the temperature swings of the desert or any environment. Plus, it’s rated Low-E, meaning it allows natural light to pass through, while deflecting UV and infrared light—a plus for homeowners who want the flattering illumination of the sun but want to protect their surfaces and furniture from its more damaging elements.

Cool and Customizable

Living room with Western Window Systems windows
Western Window Systems fit the modern Western lifestyle.

o2 Architecture/Courtesy of Western Window Systems

Western Window Systems can unlock your home’s potential to be an al fresco oasis on demand, thanks to its doors that can effectively work as moving walls. On milder days, they can slide open, letting breezes and people flow in and out for entertaining. Plus they’re infinitely customizable. Are you dreaming big? Western Window Systems can go truly big, as in up to 70 square feet of glass, 12 feet in height, and with spans as wide as your imagination with certain models. The drama is yours to design. And with finish options including bronze anodized and satin anodized, a suite of colors popular in the building industry, and available color matching, the finished product can sync with any project.

Technically Beautiful

Palm Springs Home by Donald Wexler

o2 Architecture/Courtesy of Western Window Systems

Yes, it can be a bit technical, but that’s what makes the product so beautiful: The quality, aesthetics, and customization are there to help you create a home based on your needs. Whether you want to embrace the views, go with the flow, or create a flexible space to adapt to your day and your life, Western Window Systems can help you achieve the ultimate in Western living.