Small changes, repeated over time, can make a big impact—and nowhere is this more true than in our homes. Camille Styles, owner of Sunset’s 2023 Idea House, is looking to Schneider Electric to create a home that is energy-smart and environmentally sound.

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For the renovation of her 1950s Malibu bungalow, designer Camille Styles saw an opportunity: to create the most energy-efficient space possible. “Since we’re re-imagining this house almost from the ground up, I wanted to start right,” says Styles. Together with architect Douglas Burdge, and her team of builders, Styles is incorporating Schneider Electric’s advanced smart energy infrastructure to create sustainable, reliable energy in the home. It’s a critical step that Styles sees as the most responsible way forward. “Homes today are more than where we sleep, work, relax, work out, and entertain,” she adds. “It’s important that we have energy solutions to manage our energy smarter, all while making life easier.” 

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Camille Styles

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Efficient Energy: Where It Begins 

Styles admits that she always wanted to be more energy-efficient but lacked the knowledge to make it happen. With Schneider Electric, she sees her new energy system as both an education and an opportunity. 

It starts with the source: Schneider Electric is implementing its state-of-the-art energy-system products, including the Wiser Energy monitor and the X Series connected devices. This will give Styles and her family an efficient means of energy and ways to monitor her family’s electricity use in real time. They’ll have the ability to see how much energy day-to-day things, such as using the dishwasher and leaving on the bathroom lights, actually take. “Understanding where and when your home uses electricity is the first step to making smart decisions on how to reduce it,” says Schneider Electric’s senior marketing manager April Lisonbee, who is often surprised by the electricity consumed by “always-on” things in our homes, like a plugged-in printer. 

A Clear View—from Anywhere in the World 

With their new Schneider Electric products, Styles and her family will have all their energy info at their fingertips. A remote monitoring and control system accessed via an app will allow Styles to see and monitor the energy being used in their beach home—no matter if she’s in Malibu, Austin, or another country. If a light turns on unexpectedly, Styles will receive an alert so she can turn it off remotely. The same goes if someone leaves on the stove. And when a coastal California storm happens, Styles can access her Square D Energy Center smart panel to kick in the backup solar battery to keep essential devices powered on. These features add up to smarter habits. “Automation is way more than convenience,” says Styles. “It enables you to make more environmentally conscious decisions because the technology does the heavy lifting.” 

Smarter Usage = Greater Benefits 

Smartphone App
Control the lighting and more in your home—even if you aren’t home.

Courtesy of Schneider Electric

These days, implementing efficient electricity is not only smart, it’s requisite. Our homes account for 34 percent of 
all carbon emissions because of infrastructure and energy sources, points out Lisonbee. Traditionally, electricity comes from the utility and power grid, which is produced by burning fossil fuels. “If we can reduce electricity usage by being smarter and more efficient, we can reduce a lot of carbon emissions,” says Lisonbee, who has seen customers reduce their energy use by up to 40 percent with Schneider Electric’s Wiser Energy power monitor. 

This not only excites Styles but also puts her mind at ease. “Practically, this will reduce our electricity usage and save money, but it will also play a role in our part to help lessen the impacts of climate change,” she says. “Having this awareness will allow us to make decisions aligned with our values.” 

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