Give your favorite gardening tool new life with proper cleaning and maintenance techniques.


Whether you need to trim back small bushes or cut fresh flowers, a pair of garden pruners is an essential tool for any plant lover. We love Felco 2 one-hand pruning shears ($60.40) for their power, ease-of-use, and versatility. Extend the life of your Felcos by keeping them clean, sharp, and oiled. You’ll need:

Start by ridding your pruners of dirt and grime. Wipe them down with a rag to remove visible debris, disassemble the legs, and scrub all parts with the steel brush. Carefully put them back together and sharpen the blade. To do that, apply pressure and run the sharpening tool across the outside of the blade at a 23 degree angle. Sharpen the inside edge at a 5 degree angle. Wipe the blades down and oil the spring and blades along where they cross and meet. Oil the lock too to prevent rust and keep it from sticking.

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