Use your old broken crayon bits for these homemade crayons–and let your little ones gift them to classmates instead of candy this Valentine’s Day


It’s an inevitable fate of #momlife – you will wind up with tons of tiny broken off crayon bits that litter your home or wind up unused in the crayon bin. But rather than throw them away, here’s a fun and easy way to recycle them. Melting those bits of crayon together into mold yields a brand-new, functional crayon that makes for a wonderful gift. And when you use a silicone heart-shaped ice cube tray as the mold, the resulting heart-shaped crayons become delightful Valentine’s Day gifts that your kiddos can pass out at school in lieu of candy. We took this easy project a step further by hand-stamping paper gift bags with a DIY heart-shaped potato stamp (the perfect place for the gift giver to sign his or her name). Washi tape in a Valentine’s Day palette seals the bags with an added piece of flair. This DIY Valentine’s Day craft will be all the rage at school!
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