This genius Christmas tree stand changes the holiday game entirely.

Sunset Loves: The Krinner Tree Stand
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I’m a ham for Christmas. I start playing holiday songs around September; I’ve kept trees up through Easter. And while I accept many of the lesser parts of the holiday as flawed but joyfully indulgent—Hallmark movies, say—there’s one area I’ve always felt could be improved: the tree stand.

Now, if you’re popping up a fake tree every year you might not sympathize with the cause. But if you’re going with a real tree, you’ve felt my pain. The cheap stamped-metal stands bend and leak, and twisting in the eye bolts is a pain. They rust easily and don’t last more than a couple of years.

Point being, the wrong tree stand makes setting up for Christmas a chore, rather than a celebration. 

Closeup of Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Courtesy of Krinner

Enter the Krinner Company. With a name suspiciously close to “Kringle,” they just might be an offshore investment scheme from the Big Claus himself. 

The line of stands is so well-designed I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out of the elves’ workshop.

The ingenious concept has the stand cinch around the base of the tree with a ratcheting cable mechanism operated by foot pump, rather than being pushed by opposing bolts. It’s secure, removing a potentially dangerous in-house tree fall from the equation.

What’s more, the reservoir extends toward the perimeter of the base, which means you won’t be stooping to check the water as often. But when you do, a smart water-level indicator will tell you at a glance if it’s time to refill—no more using your finger as a dip stick. 

Krinner Tree Stand, from $72