West Elm gave us a sneak peek of their spring lookbook and here’s what we love.

west elm 2021 spring catalog
West Elm

West Elm has announced their upcoming spring collection and we are loving the cozy boho vibes they’re serving us this season. Our favorite part of the upcoming catalog? A quick quiz that helps you pick out the perfect bedding material to fit your sleep needs.

If you’re anything like me, you buy your bedding purely based on how it looks (a very twenty something trait I am trying to shake), hence my current less-than-cozy blush pink sheets. West Elm has taken the guesswork out of picking the best bedding for the way you sleep, all while offering eye-catching shades and patterns. Pink sheets, you’ve been replaced. Check out the quiz below to find your perfect sheets, and prepare to never leave your bed.

west elm sleep chart spring catalog

Image courtesy of West Elm

When we chatted with West Elm about their inspiration for the collection they told us they wanted to provide an easy way for people to identify their sleep style and pair it with bedding that suits those specific needs. Each fabric in the collection offers a slightly different draw. For instance, TENCEL is moisture-wicking, European linen is breathable, organic cotton is extra soft. If you’re someone who loves making the bed in the morning and is generally a hot sleeper, the cotton eyelet is breathable and will keep you cool all night, while also being easy to make up in the morning for a neat bed ready to climb into night after night.

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They’ve also revamped their organic sustainable pillow and duvet inserts by offering various weights. If you’re a cool sleeper, you’ll want a heavier duvet. Warm sleepers need something lighter. When it comes to pillows, if you’re a stomach sleeper, go for a soft pillow so your neck is comfortable. You get the gist. Find the full breakdown in their spring catalog launching February 2nd.

We’ve also pulled our top five pieces from the new collection which you can shop online. With multi-functional pieces that can be moved from room to room, while keeping a cohesive feel to your space, the simplified bohemian style will leave you with timeless furnishings for the whole house.

We only recommend things we love. If you buy something through our site, we might earn a commission.

Wanderer Shag Rug

west elm spring 2021 catalog - wanderer shag rug lifestyle shot

West Elm

With simple lines and geometric shapes, this rug is a great addition to a living room to tie together miscellaneous pieces of furniture and add cohesion.

Wanderer Shag Rug, $400-$1200

Roar + Rabbit Ceramic Table Lamp

west elm spring catalog 2021 roar + rabbit ceramic table lamp

West Elm

This lamp is the definition of versatile with beige tones and a ceramic base that offers up a handmade elegance. The shade is made of linen which softens the light to give a whimsical effect. Move this piece around from your bedside table to your desk to add some extra lighting to your next Zoom meeting.

Roar + Rabbit Ceramic Table Lamp, $129-$258

Monti White Lava Stone Side Table

west elm 2021 catalog monty stone side table

West Elm

Yes, this side table is made of stone, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a drag to move around. It weighs only 26 pounds and is the perfect accent piece to add an organic feel to any room. We think it would also make for a unique bedside table, or a stool in a pinch.

Monty Side Table, $149

Tulum Lounge Chair

west elm 2021 catalog tulum lounge chair

West Elm

This chair is ready to live many different lives. Swap out the decorative pillow for a change of accent color, move this chair between the living room and patio on sunny days, or keep it nearby the table to pull up as an extra dining chair (definitely the best seat at the table).

Tulum Lounge Chair, $499

Ida Screen

west elm 2021 catalog ida screen

West Elm

Whether you’re looking for more privacy between living spaces or blocking off space to use as a home office, a screen is a perfect way to give yourself a little distance from the rest of the house. This screen is just over five feet tall and the rattan panels allow for sunlight to still make its way through.

Ida Screen, $399

Tanner Coffee Table

west elm spring 2021 catalog - wanderer shag rug lifestyle shot

West Elm

This wood coffee table is heavily sandblasted to give it a charred look that resembles the Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, which is the deliberate burning of wood as a method of preservation. This style of treating wood allows for the texture of the table to be showcased and provides a unique finish.

Tanner Coffee Table, $399