From side tables to mirrors, try these textured pieces to add depth at home.

Perigold Plaster table vase shown with decorative bowl and cup

Plaster is one of the oldest building materials. Beginning around 7500 B.C., this ancient architectural compound was used to patch walls and construct massive buildings all over the world. Now designers like Kathy Kuo and HGTV’s Leanne Ford are utilizing plaster in a new way to create sculptural pieces, tables, lighting, and more. Retailers are also in on the trend.

Meant to look similar to cement or stone, plaster gained popularity due to its malleability. We typically use it to protect our walls and ceilings; we build on it to create layered designs like crown moldings. But if you’re looking to add a chic stone look to your home, consider bringing in plaster in unexpected ways.

Home decor designers are constructing items made of plaster or fiber concrete, a more lightweight material that resembles plaster while being more durable. Plaster mixes for walls have a lighter, smoother consistency than plaster used for sculpture, allowing thicker mixes to create heavy-set, textured pieces.

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Ford released a collaborative line with Crate and Barrel lats year that included two plaster side tables with rounded, soft features contrasted by the signature coarse look that plaster produces. Kuo’s home design company Kathy Kuo Home focuses on decorative plaster pieces such as vases and sculptural heads.

To incorporate plaster in your home, experiment with consistency and the type of finish that matches your decor. If you’re feeling extra productive, try a DIY and add plaster to pieces you already own.

Check out some of our favorite plaster pieces to spruce up your home. Whether your decor is modern, Scandinavian, or rustic, plaster decor can fit almost any style.

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