It’s a truly Western product—and a natural choice for any project.

Camille Styles Malibu Home Exterior Rendering
Rendering courtesy of YouSee Studio
Camille Styles’ Malibu Idea House is finished with redwood on the exterior for a distinct natural aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the landscaping.

When it comes to selecting lumber that lasts, redwood is one of nature’s finest and strongest building materials available. Whether you’re looking to update your raised garden beds or want to tackle a wraparound deck with a view, redwood harvested and milled by Humboldt Sawmill is an iconic and truly Western product, grown right here in California. Not only does it produce a sustainable choice, with skilled staff dedicated to sustainable forestry and responsible land management, but Humboldt Sawmill’s redwood also delivers unmatched style while combining natural beauty, durability, and strength. Ranging from deep red to creamy yellow hues, no other natural wood can match the character or unique graining. Humboldt Sawmill is the ultimate home improvement package, combining looks, longevity, and a lasting commitment to creating mindful tree-to-lumber building materials. Read on to learn why redwood is our preferred pick when bringing any sized project to life.

Sustainably Managed

Redwood Forest
Humboldt Sawmill grows more timber each year than it harvests.

Leslie Elias

Sourcing from nearly 450,000 acres of company-owned timberlands in Northern California, the team at Humboldt Sawmill harvests redwood with an eye for long-term sustainability. With a dedication to responsible land management, its commitment runs deep with carefully planned harvests, resulting in forests that support wildlife habitat, protect sensitive species, and protect water quality. Responsible management ensures more timber is grown each year than is harvested. This means future generations will benefit from redwood’s unique qualities.

Mindfully Milled

Redwood-Clad Garage Work Space
A beautiful, redwood-clad, 4,000-square-foot workshop, garage, music studio, and office space.

Courtesy of Humboldt Sawmill Company

Offering redwood lumber and timbers available in a wide selection of grades, Humboldt Sawmill can be the foundation of an unlimited number of home and garden projects, turning your creativity into quality construction. Redwood grades are based on appearance and durability, so it is important to understand how these characteristics pertain to the project you have in mind. When wood will be near soil, such as posts, retaining walls, or planter boxes, opt for the more durable heartwood grades, such as Heart Clear, Heart B, or Construction Heart. For construction projects above ground, or in areas where there is little danger of damage from insects or decay, choose a sapwood grade: Clear, B Grade, or Construction Common. With this many grades to choose from, the sky’s the limit.

Authentically Outdoors

Sausalito Deck
An expansive redwood deck on a hillside home in Sausalito, California.

Jack Hutcheson Photography

Lightweight and a pleasure to work with, redwood is stronger than alternative materials. This means, for example, that redwood deck boards can span up to 24 inches, saving time and money during deck construction. Naturally durable, it’s the perfect choice for gardening and landscaping projects where edible plants will be grown. Redwood decking also features Class B flame spread, meaning it’s approved for use in California’s Wildland Urban Interface fire hazard severity zones without restriction. By choosing the appropriate redwood product for your outdoor project, structure and style come together, along with the enduring strength of redwood’s safety and security.

Stylishly Western

Camille Styles Malibu Home Exterior Rendering
Camille Styles’ Malibu Idea House is finished with redwood on the exterior for a distinct natural aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the landscaping.

Rendering courtesy of YouSee Studio

With so much versatility and vigor, there’s no question why redwood is the choice for our Malibu Idea house, where Camille Styles is integrating it with a modern style throughout the Malibu home’s exterior. Showcased as a sustainable spotlight, from sweeping patio pergolas to sleek vertical cladding, Humboldt Sawmill redwood was selected by Camille to be enjoyed by her family while expressing her aesthetic that embodies the casual indoor-outdoor barefoot luxury of her new coastal home.