Wow any guests with these festive finds.

Crate & Barrel Garland Mantel
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Decorating for the holidays is always a fun and festive task. Without fail, even if I’m feeling stressed and grinch-y about the season, when I put some themed music on and get out my lights and decor I transform into a holiday fanatic. It’s also fun to plot out how you’re going to decorate your space each year—do you want to do what you always do? Or do you dare experiment with a new theme, motif, or style? The possibilities are endless and it’s the perfect time to let your creativity shine.

Whatever you decide to do this season, if you’re looking for new pieces to add to your decor inventory, we have a couple of options for you. There’s something here for every style and taste, and most importantly, budget (because we all know everything is a lot more expensive this year).

See the Holiday Decor You’ll Use Over and Over Again

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