Courtesy of Kit Custom Homebuilders

How one company is working to create beautiful manufactured homes with a focus on energy efficiency

Nena Farrell

In partnership with NEEM

Manufactured homes are surrounded by misconceptions, from constant association with mobile homes to assumptions about outdated features. But today’s manufactured homes can be both beautiful and energy-efficient.

The Northwest Energy-Efficient Manufactured Housing Program, a.k.a. NEEM, is a collaboration between home builders, retailers, and utilities across the Northwest that certifies energy-efficient manufactured homes, working as a third party to assure the homes’ quality. It’s one of only two organizations recognized by the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program as a Quality Assurance Provider, able to certify that manufactured homes are built to qualify for the ENERGY STAR with their NEEM+ certification.

NEEM+ homes, built by KIT Custom Homebuilders and available throughout the Western U.S., go way beyond the assumption of a manufactured home in everything from energy efficiency to home design and comfort. The homes can be placed in a variety of areas, not just manufactured home parks, and have customizable designs that allow homebuyers to create a beautiful, dream-worthy space, and innovative features like smart thermostats and LED light bulbs. The investment is a great pick for everyone from first-time homeowners to growing families and even retirees looking for their next dream home.

Plus, all that energy-efficient design means a NEEM+ home from KIT Custom Homebuilders has a lower energy bill, saving potentially hundreds of dollars each year thanks to better insulation, great ventilation, smart temperature control, and upgraded windows compared to those found in a typical manufactured home. And, the NEEM+ homes are designed with the West’s temperatures and climate in mind.

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Courtesy of KIT Custom Homebuilders