Duo Annie Ritz and Daniel Rabin of And And And Studio take a holistic approach to architecture and design.

And And And Studio Exterior
The Ingalls

And And And Studio was one of our 2020 Emerging Designers. Discover the entire inaugural class here and why they’re making the West a more beautiful place.

Name: Annie Ritz and Daniel Rabin of And And And Studio

Type of work: Architects

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Established: 2017

Based out of: Los Angeles

You could say And And And Studio is a marriage story. Founders Annie Ritz and husband Daniel Rabin met in the first year of architecture graduate school. “We worked on several student projects together,” says Ritz. “We joke that we’ve always worked together!” 

The L.A.-based studio takes a holistic approach to architecture and design, working on everything from full renovations to ground-up construction. “When working with a studio, we always recommend that clients describe the problem, not the solution,” says Ritz. “That leaves room for inventive and unexpected solutions.”

And And And Studio Interior

The Ingalls

Interested in starting an architecture project for your home, but aren’t sure where to start—or if you have the budget? Here are three questions Ritz recommends asking yourself before your next project.

Think about how you live. “We always recommend thinking about the project conceptually,” says Ritz. “Start by asking simple questions like: How do you want to live in the house? Where do you see yourself drinking coffee? How quiet are you?  Where do you tend to congregate? By starting to address larger ideas about living, certain themes will emerge and there may be unexpected solutions that are exciting and worth pursuing.”   

Explore multiple ideas. “Construction is an expensive endeavor, and if you change your mind part way through or want to revise an idea, it’s very costly. It’s best to start work when you’ve explored all of your options and you’re ready to make decisions and commit to ideas,” says Ritz.

Define the project—and your budget. “If you have a tight budget that can’t be exceeded, define the scope of your project and stick to it. If you come to a designer to redo your kitchen and end up renovating the entire first floor, you will undoubtedly exceed your budget.”